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Wedding DJ FAQs

  • What do you mean by "minimal announcements"?
    No one has ever left a wedding saying "that DJ didn't talk enough." Your DJ won't use the microphone during dancing to say things like "hands up" or look at grandma!" Your DJ will make instructive announcements before dancing so your guests know where to go, or what to look at. Those announcements will be in a natural voice and to the point.
  • How are you "non-traditional"?
    We play customized music and make minimal announcements. This is in contrast to NY and NJ wedding DJs who only play popular wedding songs, and talk on the microphone a lot during dancing.
  • What do you mean by "customized music"?
    Your DJ will ask you questions like "what kinds of music do you listen to at home" or "what types of music would you like to hear at your wedding." And base your music on things like that - or on a playlist you provide. As opposed to what your DJ played the weekend before. Or what gets played at weddings in general. The music is completely custom.
  • Do you charge extra for an afterparty?
    No. As long as it is in the same location as the dance party, or maybe in the next room, there is no extra charge. It is free.
  • If we book ceremony musicians, will our DJ start at cocktail hour?
    Probably not. This is a common misconception. The DJ provides the microphone at the ceremony. So they will start at the beginning of the ceremony at the latest. Even if they aren't playing music at the ceremony, they will still be there monitoring the microphones (a very important job). Because there is a 30 minute amount of time for guests to be seated before the ceremony, your DJ may start then to play music in case your musicians are only playing during the ceremony.
  • How many hours do we get the DJ for?
    All. We charge per event not hourly. We will keep DJing with you for the entirety of the event.
  • Do you take breaks?
    No. Your caterer will probably serve us a vendor meal while you are eating. But the music will continue to play.
  • When does the DJ arrive?
    2 hours before guest arrival.
  • What services do you provide?
    We DJ, provide speakers and microphones (included with DJ), provide photo booths, provide lights and provide musicians.
  • What's up with the lights?
    We have two options: uplights and party lights.
  • What does the DJ do?
    + Plan music with you beforehand. + Give you a life-changing dance party. + Provide microphones and speakers in 3 or 4 areas for ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. + Make minimal announcements (only instructive ones as opposed to invasive ones). + Work with your coordinator to make sure you have a smooth wedding.
  • What's up with the photo booth?
    We have two options. There is an FAQ section on this page all about them. You can also learn more here. And get the prices at the bottom of this page.
  • Can we send you a Spotify, Apple Music (or any) playlist?
    Yes, we welcome that.
  • Do you have sample playlists?
    Yes! We have over 150. Check our Spotify account and the DJ bio pages.
  • We are busy and don't have a lot of time for planning...
    No worries, we will work around your schedule. We can do it over email, text, or on a call. We will accommodate you and give you the special treatment you need.
  • What is your planning process?
    We plan using an online form and a Zoom call. We will send you an online form to fill out. 2 to 3 weeks before your wedding we will have a Zoom call to review the form. Planning music is easy and fun.
  • How many songs can we choose?
    You can choose as many (or as few) songs as you like to be played at your wedding. The number one talent (by far) of all of our DJs is music knowledge. So they are happy to guide you toward your goals.
  • Will you play our playlist?
    Yes. If you ask us to play certain songs, artists, or playlists, we will do it. We won't deviate from that.
  • Our parents are worried you will play the music loud at dinner and they won't be able to talk. Do you do that?
    No. We never do that.
  • We went to a wedding where the DJ played songs for only 30 seconds before switching to the next one. Do you do that?
    No, we never do that.
  • Do you mix the songs or just hit play on a playlist?
    We mix. All our DJs will beatmix and transition seamlessly from one song to the next. We do not use Spotify to DJ. We use it as a song list only.
  • Do the DJs have different styles?
    Yes and no. When DJing at a club, our DJs might have different styles. But for a wedding, they are trained to be music chameleons. Our DJs are incredibly good at matching your style and taste. Some of them know niche genres better, like Italo Disco or Afrobeats. At least half are bilingual and know music from different cultures. But all of them can get your guests dancing to your favorite genres of music.
  • Will you take song requests from our guests?
    That's a question we will ask you during planning. It's up to you. We are happy to take them or not. But we will always honor your "do-not-play list" when fielding requests.
  • What do we need to provide you?
    You need to provide your DJ with a table and access to electric. That's in our contract. But, some of our DJs like to bring their own table. So just check with them beforehand, please.
  • Do you provide a microphone at ceremony?
    Yes. We provide a mic, mic stand and speaker for your onsite ceremony.
  • What does your setup look like?
    DJ stuff on a table with speakers on stands. Our setups are minimal. Everything is black and meant to blend into the background. We do not use those DJ stands that look like spaceships or modern furniture.
  • Do you provide a mic for speeches or toasts?
    Yes, a handheld wireless mic is included for this.
  • Do you provide equipment for different spaces?
    Yes, most weddings happen in 3 areas, but 4 is ok too. We will have speakers in each space to accomodate your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.
  • Do you bring backups?
    Yes, our DJs bring backup equipment so if there are technical difficulties, the event can continue
  • When do you arrive for set up?
    2 hours before your guests
  • How long does it take you to breakdown and leave?
    We guarantee one hour, but normally it's more like 30 minutes
  • Do you set up a microphone for ceremony?
    Yes. We provide a mic, mic stand and speaker for your onsite ceremony. It is set up before your guests arrive.
  • Do you move equipment during the event?
    No. The different parts of your wedding, (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception), will have separate sound systems which are set up before your guests arrive.
  • Does set up and breakdown cost extra?
    No, they are included. They are free.
  • What photo booths do you have?
    The print booth and the digital booth
  • What about set up?
    It gets set up 1 hour before service is to begin. If you have us set it up in front of your guests, it may look a bit messy until setup is complete.
  • What does the digital booth come with?
    The digital booth comes with digital sends (text and email). It doesn't print and doesn't come with a backdrop or an attendant.
  • How long is photo booth service
    Print booth is for 4 hours Digital booth is for the entirety of the event
  • What does the print booth come with?
    It comes with: Unlimited prints Beautiful backdrop (white, black, or gold sequin) Dedicated attendant Digital sends (text and email)
  • My venue is missing from the travel fee map
    We are happy to add your venue to the travel fee map! Email and we will take care of it.
  • Will you travel?
    Yes, our DJs travel all over the east coast. And we have traveled across the country to DJ weddings.
  • How much does travel cost?
    Anything over a 59 minute drive from the DJ's home is $250 per hour one way. Check out our travel fee map to find the fee for your venue. And then add it to your DJ's fee to calculate your total fee.
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