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about us

non-traditional wedding djs

We may be the only NYC wedding DJs who worked a Star Trek wedding that had a Klingon fight

our GOALS  


happy couple

Our number 1 goal is that our couples leave their wedding saying "that was the best dance party ever."


Within the framework you give us, we will play the most interesting, surprising, and fun songs possible.


repair the rep

Wedding DJs have a bad reputation. We will improve that for them. It will start in New York City and spread nationwide.

NYC Wedding DJs

Different music at each wedding. Minimal announcements.

We are Non-Traditional Wedding DJs. What makes us special is we believe great music is all you need for a great dance party. We listen closely to each couple so we can play the music that reflects their style. And we only make necessary announcements (in a natural voice).


from couples like You


watch us here

work with us

if you love music & serving others...


If you..

Love making people happy

Love different types of music

Don't love talking on the mic

And have experience DJing


If you..

Love music

Are responsive and punctual

Have a nice camera

And want to learn how to DJ

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