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Rafe Terrizzi


DJ, music producer, and actor

Rafe Terrizzi

Rafe Terrizzi'S BIO

Rafe Terrizzi has been an NYC DJ for over a decade. After spinning at many NYC hotspots, he began to DJ weddings. Rafe has the experience, and passion for music, to get all your guests on the dance floor.

Rafe will make just the right amount of announcements at your wedding. And play music that reflects your taste and style.

Besides being an NYC wedding DJ, Rafe produces music, curates in-store playlists, and is an actor.

Rafe Terrizzi

Rafe Terrizzi'S Music



Live Mixes

Rafe Terrizzi'S Reviews

We had a specific music vibe/theme in mind - Rafe picked up on it and really ran with it in exactly the right way. - Shawn

[Rafe] showed great judgement from soundtracking the quieter portions of the evening to announcements to providing just the right energy when the dance floor was at its most raucous. - Amos

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