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10 Small Brooklyn Wedding Venues That Will Save You Money (2024)

Updated: Feb 27

Outdoor wedding at Maison May, Brooklyn, NY
Chellise Michael Photography

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s REALLY expensive to get married in NYC.

I am an NYC wedding DJ and have worked at all of these venues. I will share my honest experience with you.

10 small Brooklyn wedding venues that will save you money


1. Aurora

A wedding at Aurora restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

Aurora is an Italian restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They do a lot of weddings there. There is a medium length, narrow indoor space. Adjoining it is a similarly shaped outdoor space.

Usually the wedding ceremony takes place in the outdoor space. Then guests move inside for cocktail hour.

After cocktail hour, guests go back outside for dinner. Once dinner has completed, everyone moves inside for dancing.

The food is extremely delicious. The staff working there are great.

Best features: The staff are really nice. Wedding vendors love this place because of how friendly the managers and waiters are. The food is also delicious.

Type of venue: Restaurant

Space: Typical smallish NYC storefront restaurant with adjoining outdoor space. The outdoor space is about the same size as the inside. It is partly covered.

Capacity: 50 for a seated dinner outside. 80 for a seated dinner both inside and outside. 100 for a standing cocktail hour event.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg

70 Grand Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Aurora Wedding Cost


2. Bacchus Bistro

Outdoor wedding at Bacchus Bistro in Brooklyn, NY
Sarah Bode Clark Photography

Bacchus is a French restaurant located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn. It has a nice L-shaped backyard where at least half of your wedding would take place.

Most couples have their ceremony and dinner outside. And they have their cocktail hour and dancing inside.

There are two storefronts next to each other. The one on the right sometimes stays open to the public during weddings.

Delicious food and really nice staff. Say hi to Meryl for me.

Best features: Backyard and food

Type of venue: Restaurant

Space: Two long storefronts with an L-shaped backyard. There is a wine room in the back you can use.

Capacity: 80 can be seated outside, 125 if you have guests seated inside as well

Neighborhood: Boerum Hill

409 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Bacchus Wedding Cost


3. Maison May

First dance at Maison May wedding, Brooklyn, NY
Chellise Michael Photography

Maison May is a townhouse wedding venue in Brooklyn. It has a nice backyard for outdoor ceremonies.

Downstairs inside, there is a long room for your dinner. Behind that is the backyard where you can have your ceremony and cocktail hour.

Upstairs are two medium to small rooms. One can be used for your cake and bar. The other one for your dancing.

Best feature: Backyard

Type of venue: Townhouse/Brownstone

Space: Long room downstairs. Backyard. 2 rooms upstairs.

Capacity: 75

Neighborhood: Fort Greene

246 DeKalb Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Maison May Wedding Cost


4. Threes at Franklin and Kent (Greenpoint)

Wedding at Threes at Franklin and Kent, Brooklyn, NY

Threes is an L shaped bar located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It is a cool bar that is popular in the neighborhood.

It is a small and inexpensive place to hold your wedding. For a small group, this is a cool option.

Threes has other locations in Brooklyn. But this is the only one I have worked at.

Best feature: Cool bar

Type of venue: Bar

Space: L-shaped bar

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

113 Franklin Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222


Threes at Franklin and Kent Wedding Cost


5. Milk and Roses

Cute Wedding at Milk and Roses, Brooklyn, NY

I have DJed three or four weddings at Milk and Roses. It is a really cool restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

It appears they have moved locations. They are still in Greenpoint and appear to do weddings.

Get in touch with them to learn about their new set up. And please share any details you learn with me.

Type of venue: Restaurant

Neighborhood: Greenpoint

35 Box Street

Brooklyn, NY 11222

718) 389-0160

Milk and Roses Wedding Cost



6. Le Petit Cafe

Le Petit Cafe wedding venue, Brooklyn, NY

Le Petit Cafe is a small restaurant in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It has really cool decor.

There are two or three rooms connected by open doorways. It’s hard to describe. You need to check it out yourself.

It is great for a couple who wants a venue that already has a particular design and decor.

Best feature: Decor

Type of venue: Restaurant

Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens

502 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231


Le Petit Cafe Wedding Cost


7. The Castle by Marlow Events (Moving to New Location)

Wedding at the Castle by Marlow Events, Brooklyn, NY

NOTE: I've heard this location is no longer open. They are moving to a new location in Brooklyn. Stay tuned.

The Castle by Marlow Events is a small and cool venue. It looks like a lot of the large industrial factory wedding venues in Brooklyn except smaller.

There is a small front room where you can have your cocktail hour and maybe even your ceremony. And there is a larger room in the back where you can have your dinner and dancing.

It is run by Marlow Events. They are responsible for some of the most popular restaurants in Brooklyn. The food is to die for.

Best features: Food and vibe

Type of venue: Small industrial event space

Space: Very small front room, small sized back room

Capacity: TBD

Neighborhood: TBD

The Castle by Marlow Events Wedding Cost


8. Montauk Club

Wedding photo at the Montauk Club, Brooklyn, NY

The Montauk club is a very old private club in Brooklyn. It has been hosting weddings for years.

The manager Angelica told me that her parents were married there. It is rich with history.

There are two floors you can use. Each have a nice sized room for dinner or dancing.

It feels like an old mansion. This would be great for a couple who want an "old New York" type of venue.

Best features: History and decor

Type of venue: Classic mansion

Space: 2 spaces on separate floors

Neighborhood: Park Slope

25 8th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217


Montauk Club Wedding Cost


9. Bridgepoint

Bride and groom at Bridgepoint wedding venue, Brooklyn, NY

Bridgepoint is a new rooftop venue in Brooklyn. It has amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

There is a small long room inside and a large balcony outside. You can have your dinner outside and dancing inside.

Best feature: Views

Type of venue: Rooftop balcony

Space: Small room inside with huge rooftop balcony

Capacity: 60 sitting, 70 standing

Neighborhood: Dumbo

53 Bridge Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Bridgepoint Wedding Cost


10. Dumbo Loft

Brooklyn wedding venue Dumbo Loft

Technically this venue should not be on this list. That is because it is not very small.

But it will save you money. Many couples who I have worked with told me the price is very good.

And most of them DIY’d their wedding, bringing in decorations, liquor and food.

Best features: Open layout and price

Type of venue: Loft

Space: One big room

Capacity: 140 sitting; 200 people standing

Neighborhood: DUMBO

155 Water Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Dumbo Loft Wedding Cost



I hope this post showed you how you can save a lot of money on your wedding. But now that you have the venues... what about your wedding vendors?

Are you looking for a DJ for your NYC wedding? How about a great list of NYC wedding vendors?

Click here if you are looking for an NYC wedding DJ. Contact us if you are looking for a list of the best NYC wedding vendors.


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