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wedding photo booth nyc


A fun activity for your Guests

when they're not dancing

Are you planning a wedding? Did you book a DJ or a band? I've got some news for you...

Your guests won't dance the whole time. They will take a break. And some won't hardly dance at all. 

Why not give them something to do? Why not book a photo booth for your NYC wedding?

If you're getting married in NYC and considering a photo booth for your wedding, read on to learn more. And get prices!




We have over 10 years experience working in the NYC wedding industry. We work photo booth events at NYC weddings almost every weekend.

We know exactly how to give you and your guests a really fun experience at your wedding.

We really care about your event! We will show that by being responsive and helpful.

No one will reply to an email quicker than us. And no one will help your guests more than us. 

We have worked at the most exclusive and cool wedding venues in NYC. We know almost all the planners & venue staff.

Curious about where to set up your photo booth? Ask us! We know the ins and outs of almost every popular NYC wedding venue.

If you're looking for a photo booth for your NYC wedding, we're the specialists. We specialize in providing photo booths at weddings.

We don't specialize in corporate events, in-store events, parties, etc. We know everything about weddings because that's all we do.

Classic Photo Booth

The Most Fun You Can Have

When your Guests take a break from dancing...

What will they do?

Why not give them a fun activity?

Your guests will line up to use our classic booth


  • Takes photos, gifs, and boomerangs

  • Prints strips or rectangular photos

  • Comes with a backdrop 

  • Comes with an attendant 

  • Has the ability to send digital photos (same as digital photo booth below) 

  • You receive an online gallery of all the photos your guests took after the wedding

  • You can put text, or a logo, of your choice under each photo

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