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The Equipment we Provide


You have either booked us for your wedding, or you are considering it. We offer great equipment that will serve the following purposes:

  • Your guests will hear every word of your ceremony

  • They will be able to talk to each other without being drowned out by loud music

  • They will be able to hear all speeches and toasts clearly

  • They will dance the night away to music that reflects you

  • And when they leave they will have sore feet, not sore ears

The wedding ceremony



  • A handheld wireless mic for your officiant

  • A mic stand (optional)

  • Speakers to amplify the mic and to play music

Cocktail hour

Cocktail Hour


  • A speaker for music

A typical reception for us



  • ​Handheld wireless mic for speeches

  • A mic stand

  • Speakers to amplify the mic and to play music


DJ equipment is just a tool that anyone can buy. Most DJs choose between 3 or 4 brands that are about the same quality. What really matters for dancing is song selection, mixing, and music knowledge. This is why you hire a DJ.

*This is all for a group of 200 guests or less in a medium to large venue. Have over 200 guests? Having your reception in a long, or giant room with high ceilings? Having your reception completely outside, not even in a tent? In all these cases there may be an extra charge for additional speakers.


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